Volunteer at Fairbank Schoolhouse!

Fairbank Schoolhouse

Fairbank Schoolhouse

It’s so isolated out there! It’s too far! It’s too boring! Those are reasons I hear from volunteers about not working at the Schoolhouse. I find them pretty amazing because I have found the volunteering there to be fascinating, peaceful, and a great learning experience. I have met people from all over the world there, and they all love to talk. It is fun to watch the kids that come in and decide to play school. They are so excited! And the adults are really impressed with our museum displays and our new brochure.  

It is true that there are fewer visitors and fewer sales than at San Pedro House. That gives you time to do some reading-your personal reading or the many materials available about the history of the area. Once you learn a little you will want to know more, and since most of the visitors are there for the history, they are really appreciative of the information you can impart.

When the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the bench under the tree and do that reading (knitting, writing, whatever). Are you a lover of nature? The wildlife at Fairbank seems more abundant because there are fewer visitors. We see deer and javelina at the overflow of the water tank where they come to drink—or just stroll down Railroad Avenue. The trees are always full of birdsong—bring your binoculars!

Isolated? Fairbank is as close to civilization as is San Pedro House, and there are site hosts there with you if you need anything. Yes, it is a bit further to drive, but I find that worth it for the enjoyable hours spent there.

Please consider volunteering a shift or two at the Fairbank Schoolhouse. I can almost guarantee you will get hooked.

Sally Rosén
Board Member
Phone: 249-0233
Email: schoolhouse@sanpedroriver.org



2 thoughts on “Volunteer at Fairbank Schoolhouse!

  1. JI spent from 1953-1982 living in Sierra Vista, my father put all the phone lines in when they reactivate the Fort. My father Jack Sabin was born in Benson in 1928 he and my grandfather John Sabin worked as cowboys for the Foster family and what is now the San Perdo House so as kids my frinds and I spent countless hours on the river Charlston and Fairbainks where our haunts, so much so we thought we owned the river. So glad its being rembered cant wait to take my grandchildren mto see true west, as it is so differnt than East Texas. Any suggestions on how to make it real to them, ages 8 and 9 would really help

    • This additional comment also has been forwarded to volunteers involved in Fairbank and San Pedro House operations. These comments help fill in some of the gaps in our understanding of the families that lived along the San Pedro River in historical times. Thanks!

      Friends of the San Pedro River

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